Diseases start from heart, from mind, from the conception of the world and from mental imbalance. A suppression of feelings, emotions and inner feelings lead in time to the accumulation of stress, frustration, negative and pessimistic thoughts, all this leads to physical and mental illness. Strong emotional conflicts, causes, where are accumulated and amplified over time, chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, various tumors, autoimmune diseases, etc.. These are just some of the diseases caused by imbalance between soul and mind.
We propose to start an education of the soul, mind and body!


What is not known about onions

Onion is a food rich in vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, vitamin B6 and magnesium and low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Onions has the composition and carbohydrates, but also significant amounts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, copper, vitamin A, E, C, B complex vitamins and substances with antiseptic properties.
Onions perfect nutritional values to get rid of excess fat and cholesterol.
The onion is diuretic that promotes excretion of sodium in the body and has the property to relieve cough and unclog the airways. It is well known that onion is a very natural sleeping pill bunl. Nervous and agitated states can also be soothed with a crushed onions, which he must keep close to nose. Onions are considered to be the most powerful natural detoxifier. Onions to be eaten raw, can be red onions, white onions and yellow onions, green onions too. Onions has the ability to significantly decrease the risk of developing lung cancer.
Medicines with onions
Make a decoction of dried onion from which to drink half a liter per day.
Drink two cups per day decoction of onion. Take two whole onions, complete with shell, medium size, wash and boil in a cup and a half of water for fifteen minutes. Drink warm decoction, sweetened or not, on an empty stomach.
It eats at night before bedtime, raw onion. 
It makes an onion soak in a glass to drink at lunch and in the evening.
Is prepared from onions, onions solution obtained in four left to soak for a day, in one liter of warm water in the drinking two cups daily. If you have a stuffy nose, it is enough to grate an onion, to put in two small pieces of gauze in his nose. If you wrap a piece of gauze and put onions in your ear at night, it is an excellent natural remedy for foot drop.
Fatigue and Overwork intellectual, Cholelithiasis
It consumes raw onion.
Take 10 to 15 drops of tincture of onion per day.
Frostbite, burns, warts 
It compresses with onion juice on the affected. Also for frostbite, Forunculosis felon is used baked onions - onions put in the oven, allow to soften and then apply on the affected area.
The Crisis of Nerves
It can be stopped if it inspires strong several times an onion cut in two.
It uses onion syrup - are cleaned and cut into julienne onions. Add a cup of water and two tablespoons of sugar, then boil. After the boil, sieved and kept in jars.
Insect bites
Use onion juice - it gives a little grated onion and the juice is used for massaging the affected areas.
Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis and Cough
Onions baked applied to the chest or neck in a sterile gauze, miracles. Baked onion poultices are held all night. Onion syrup can be used in cures of three weeks, during which three teaspoons of syrup consumed daily. Persistent cough and whooping cough can be treated by decoction of onions, or infusion of onions with honey.
Tincture of onions with a teaspoon of honey three times a day before main meals.
Compress soles onions (onions socks) produce a relief in case of diseases such as pneumonia (only with doctor's opinion), flu, fever, earache, toothache.
"Socks with onions" can be used by adults and children (from 6 months).
It is very important that your feet and body to be well heated. The legs should remain warm throughout the application.
Preparation - Take 4 onions (2 onions each leg), cut into thick slices and place on a thin cotton cloth. Fold the edges over the onions and heat compress on the back of a cover sitting on a pot of boiling water. Pressured then compress between your palms, to crushed onions and place it on the bottom and then pulling a wool sock over it. The foot must remain hot (you can use a hot water bottle). The compress can be kept overnight
Obesity, diets
Onion soup with chopped onions 4-6 to boil with a little chopped cabbage and parsley root. Drink 250 ml of soup daily.
Take a red onion peel, or more depending on the area to be covered (inflamed and painful area) and little crush. Apply the juicy onion peel at No. damaged, and topped it with plastic food wrap that broadband fixed with scotch. Spread the place beforehand will apply onion with butter, olive oil or coconut oil. After 1 to 2 hours you will see that the pain recedes.
If you want to completely heal and pain will not reoccur in another change of weather repeat procedure crane 1 month. It's enough to put the onion-skin once daily (at bedtime) an hour. Where already became chronic illness is likely to appear when the pain is high humidity in the atmosphere but will be of moderate intensity.

Precautions and contraindications
Onions are consumed with caution by patients suffering from gastritis, colitis fermentation and those with irritable colon. There are quite a few people who have a digestive intolerance smaller or larger onions. If ingestion of onions may inhibit their gastric peristalsis, it can slow down the digestive process, up to the appearance of the nausea and indigestion strong. In these cases the dose of onion will be reduced to the limit of endurance, the body is gradually accustomed to this remedy. It indicated that after taking the onions to eat a sour orange, and then long to chew its strongly scented bark (to adjust breath odor).

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