Diseases start from heart, from mind, from the conception of the world and from mental imbalance. A suppression of feelings, emotions and inner feelings lead in time to the accumulation of stress, frustration, negative and pessimistic thoughts, all this leads to physical and mental illness. Strong emotional conflicts, causes, where are accumulated and amplified over time, chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, various tumors, autoimmune diseases, etc.. These are just some of the diseases caused by imbalance between soul and mind.
We propose to start an education of the soul, mind and body!


A Thousand Remedies In One Thread: Green Onions

Apart from that we give salads a flavor lift to four stars, green onions and a drug is exceptional, used without interruption for thousands of years.

The secret of centenarians

Place of origin of the onion is ancient Egypt, being used as a magical plant that medical remedy. Strengthening its reputation for healing, plant is due Pliny, the Roman physician who first wrote about it. Although since then over two millennia piscacioasa flavored vegetable interest has not declined. In the folk medicine of all European peoples, it was said and onions are said to give us long life. And, indeed, the centenary Caucasian populations until more long-lived areas in Bulgaria, onion is considered a shield against disease. Many of the centenarians polled attributed their extraordinary vitality of onions, which were fed daily from early childhood. And undoubtedly rejuvenating properties, purifying and regenerating processes stimulants have the strongest green onions. Why? Consider the analogy: if the human being, it is known that hormonal activity of a child is much different from that of an adult. Well, if Vegetable, things are the same - green onions contain substances (including plant hormones) different from the adult, designed to sustain accelerated growth. As such, it has very different properties from those of adult onions. But to find out more about the composition of onions, in its stage of "Childhood":

Storage of vital substances

Green onions contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B9, potassium, calcium. But apart from classical nutrients, this delicacy vegetable contains several compounds with strong therapeutic effects:
* Allicin - is the substance that gives onion... the smell of onions, but it has antibiotic and antiviral effect and an extremely loud. It is also a protector of the lungs and airways average, they watch for infections and tumor diseases.
* Cvercitina - is a powerful antioxidant role in combating circulatory disorders, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
* Chlorophyll - "cleanse" the body of heavy metals, free radicals and pollutants of all kinds, from E's of Nutrition, harmful substances in the air, the water or our food packaging of all day. As such, due to its chemical composition so complex, green onion has some therapeutic properties more intense than those of mature white or red onions. A cure onions, extended until summer, purifies the blood, allergy, hormone regulates the body, preventing and treating diseases of the most diverse.

Preparations of green onions

Green onion as such

After being carefully washed, with all the leaves are consumed (choose young onions  leaves), chewing it very well, so as to ease the burden of digestion, which is quite serious work with this vegetable rich in dietary fiber. Until recently, the basic food of the peasants who work field were polenta and green onions starting from early spring when green arose first gently, until midsummer, when the leaves become strong and unpleasant taste. But besides the traditional polenta, green onions can be eaten with any other food, from soups, to cheese or fish.

Green onion salad

Take 2-4 green onion stalks, wash well, chop finely and place in a serving of salad (for one person). Usually, green onions associated very well with the leaves of lovage and parsley those that make it more digestible and easier to bear gallbladder and liver by. Otherwise, to obtain lettuce, green onions can be combined with any type of greens (lettuce, spinach, tomato salad), and tomatoes or peppers. Those who tolerate the cooked onions can eat very simple, just with salt, lemon juice and a little olive oil. Most often, however, to be more digestible, green onion has been good to be consumed salad with herbs and vegetables listed above.

Onion juice

It is obtained from green onion stalks, well washed in advance, the following ways:
* With meat grinders, filtering through cheesecloth onion after being crushed well. The result is a green juice.
* With an electric centrifugal juicer, juice obtains a clearer and purer, because the pulp is retained by centrifugation green onions.
Regardless of the method by which it was obtained, onion juice is best to eat fresh, each 20-50 ml single dose given before meals.

Internal Treatments

* Allergies - green onion is diuretic and cleansing, regulating glands that secrete cortisol naturally, so it is considered a natural antiallergic firsthand. Especially during pollination, flowering of grasses, but when we are exposed to dust and heat, recommends eating 6-10 threads of onion daily, possibly associated with other greens, but without consistent food. A cure onions extended modulate the immune response, preventing the rash, and specific respiratory allergy phenomena. If you already triggered allergy, green onions consumed daily will diminish the severity and prevent complications, especially respiratory.
* Eczema - most commonly occur due to immune problems and hormonal imbalances in the body. And therapeutic most effective treatment of these disorders is the combination of three vegetables: green onion, dill leaves and leaves of celery. There are cases of people who found the disappearance of almost miraculous (2-3 days) of eczema lasts for years, when it was made treatment with the combination of these three green vegetables as lettuce consumed in the stomach empty.
* Acne - especially in young people, a diet with green onion has the gift to bring back to their place hormones "playful" and clean skin. Weather for 14 days, is consumed mainly (70% of food) eat 10 vegetables and onions daily, best in combination with lettuce and celery. Among other things, this regimen colon drains, detoxifies the body massively, making this condition - otherwise so difficult to treat - to cure or at least improve spontaneously.
* Bronchitis - allicin in onions is a powerful antibiotic and an expectorant and chlorophyll reduces inflammation. Because of these substances, green onion is among the best remedies in this area is effective as helper both infectious bronchitis, allergic bronchitis and in. Consumed in abundance, green onions is also a good means of preventing asthma.
* Respiratory viruses - are prevented and treated very effectively using onions and green garlic. The two related plants directly stimulates the immune system and destroy influenza viruses. Drink 4-5 each yarn when you feel cold "hovers" but when already installed.
* Diabetes - two independent studies done in the university hospitals of some faculties of medicine in India, show that daily consumption significantly raw onion (140 grams per day) lowers blood sugar, preventing and even treating diabetes. In addition, onions prevent the complications of diabetes, such as: arteriopathies, hypertension or cardiac ischemia. Interestingly, the same study has revealed another remarkable fact: onion NOT reduce blood sugar levels in those who suffer from diabetes.
* Thrombophlebitis, thrombosis - consume only the white part of the onion (strain), because the leaves are rich in vitamin K, can exacerbate the condition. Instead, allicin bulb onion has anticoagulant properties, preventing the formation of thrombi (clots). In addition, because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, the onion has a very beneficial effect on venous walls, affected by thrombophlebitis.
* Chronic Renal Diseases - recommends eating onions every day, especially morning and evening. To enhance the strength of this remedy is associated with green and radish salad with tarragon (root and leaves). All three have a strong diuretic vegetable, kidney sand washing accumulated, preventing the formation of new stones. It also helps heal final trio of recurrent infections, the real support of antibiotic therapy.
* Prostate Cancer - green onion is a food with strong anticancer properties, which are due to the sulfur compounds it contains. Regular consumption of onion reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men by 50%, as shown by a statistical study done a decade ago.
* Lung cancer - was also found that onions, especially green, consumed daily, help reduce the incidence of lung cancer. Excellent detoxifying, it helps eliminate even the body of substances that cause lung cancer, such as heavy metals from industrial emissions or tar from cigarette smoke. Moreover, green onion is considered a true antidote to cigarette smoke, the protective effect is attributed all allicin, which has anti-tumor effect.
* Menstrual pain, irregular - are long treatments salad of onion, celery and lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice. Salad is taken before each meal. Throughout cure (which would be better to take less than 21 days) consume fewer proteins (meat, fish, eggs, legumes) and fats (fried foods, margarine, butter).
* Accumulation of water in the tissues - is consumed daily 50 ml of fresh onion juice, dissolved in a glass (200 ml) warm milk. It is an ancient remedy (the first time was recorded by Pliny the Elder, 2,000 years ago), which in many cases gave good results.
* Sterility, hormonal impotence - even if its effect is not as fast as the synthesis of vasodilator drugs used nowadays an aphrodisiac, cure long green onions have more reliable results and does not create heart problems, like drugs. It consumes daily 10 onions, celery optionally together with (root and leaves), tarragon, parsley and green garlic and carrot (leaves and inflorescence).


* For cleansing - once a week can make cleaning the skin with a solution of onion, which, although not smell like traditional cosmetics, it is instead a great cleansing effect for the skin. Make a solution of 6 tablespoons of onion juice and a teaspoon of lemon juice. In preparation soak a cotton ball with erasing several times successively skin. Green onion has the gift to inactivate some toxic chemicals in cosmetics, but also to reduce inflammation and skin thoroughly clean.
* For stained skin - consumption of onions will have an intensive cleansing effect, helping to clean naturally, from within the skin. Externally, use fresh juice made from green onions, they lotions cheek for a few minutes before bedtime.
* For acne skin - prepare a mask Three tablespoons of onion juice, one teaspoon of lemon juice, an egg yolk and a teaspoon of liquid honey. All components are mixed well for homogenization, then apply on the face, while less than 15 minutes. It is a treatment that purifies the skin, removes excess sebum, destroys bacteria and prevents pimples.

Precautions and contraindications to treatment with green onions

Green onions are consumed with caution by patients suffering from gastritis, colitis fermentation and those with IBS. There are relatively many people who have a digestive intolerance, smaller or larger, green onions. In their case, the ingestion of onions may inhibit gastric peristalsis, may slow the digestive process, up to the appearance of the nausea and indigestion strong. In these cases, the dose of onion will be reduced to the limit of endurance, the body will gradually be accustomed to this remedy. It is also good that after taking the onions to eat lemon juice and chewing, then, parsley or lovage leaves (it is also one of the few methods that work, in some degree, to correct breath odor).

Read more about the onion, here.

Discover The 7 Benefits Of Fasting

Throughout history, fasting was a bodily and spiritual cleansing period. Great philosophers such as Hippocrates, Socrates and Plato recommended him for healing the body. The Bible teaches that Moses and Jesus fasted for 40 days to regenerate and spiritual Gandhi did so to promote respect and compassion between people of different religions. Whatever the reasons people turn to post, it is good to know that its benefits on health.

What is fasting?

Item (and here we refer to the Christian) is a period of time in which the faithful abstain from eating food "sweet", i.e. those of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) and pray clean their souls of sins.

The Orthodox Church is the one that set the fasting days in a calendar year. Usually, within a year, there are many periods of fasting, but two of them are the longest: fasting before Easter and the one before Christmas. Church motivates these periods of abstinence from animal products because, according to them, cleaning bodily help cleanse the soul. We are not talking here about "black fasting" which involves complete abstention from any dish for 24 hours.

What is interesting to know is that fasting is a practice that we meet in several religions, but it has the same goal: cleaning bodily. For example, Muslims fast for a month in the summer and the period called Ramadan. Their job entails refraining from food throughout the day and evening can eat whatever and however they want.

This ancient religious practice is truly beneficial for our body. Discover the 7 benefits of fasting:

It helps to detoxify the body

Normally the body's ability to detoxify itself, but a diet rich in meat and low in vegetables and fruit hampers its natural function. When there is such an imbalance, accumulated debris in the body, rot and become sources of killer diseases like cancer.

Therefore, fasting, the equivalent of a diet based on vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc., is beneficial for the whole body that serves the detoxify. Thus, using the station, liver, kidney, blood, etc. goes through the detoxification process. It is interesting to note how large stations are positioned: spring, before Easter, after a winter in which food is based on canned food and animal and winter, before Christmas, after a fall-rich products that help us prepare for cold season.

A diet to lose weight

Fruits and vegetables have a lower number of calories, and their consumption for a long time, besides detox can help to escape extra pounds. Also, because calorie intake drops, the body is forced to consume the fat deposits in order to ensure life. Reserves are created by the body fat due to excess glucose and carbohydrates that are normally used as an energy source. During fasting, these fat reserves become the energy source of the body.

It watches for cardiovascular disease

Recent studies have shown that fasting period reduces cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have discovered that this type of diet helps lower triglycerides, weight and glucose and thus keep away heart disease.

Heal body

Because smaller effort that we put our body to process food intake during the fasting period, our body begins to channel their energy toward metabolism and immune system. The natural healing process begins. The body triggers a procedure whereby the proteins they produce help to regenerate the system. For example, when we are sick, we cut appetite. The explanation for this phenomenon is that channel their energy body digestive system allocated by the immune system to heal.

Lowers blood sugar

Because the body channel their energy in a different direction than toward the digestive system, basal metabolism is slowed down to conserve energy as much time and lowers blood sugar levels in the body, glucose is used existing deposits in the liver. Also, the release of hormones increases.

Rejuvenates us and we prolongs life

These two results are actually tracked of all the processes mentioned above. These two phenomena are supported by lower metabolic rate, channeling different energy, a stronger immune system and stimulate the production of hormones, including those of self-preservation. Apparently, our body does not need many sources in order to stay alive and healthy, and studies support this.

Other benefits of fasting on our health

Due to the fact that our body clean of all kinds of waste, our skin gets brilliance, is healthier, our body is full of energy, sleep quality is increased, bump anxiety, tension, improves health, muscle pain and discomfort disappear and improves digestion.

Grape Cure For Body Detoxification

Autumn is fast approaching, and this is the right time to start a grape cure. A grape cure is important to detoxify the body in a healthy and easy at the same time. Daily diet rich in fat, preservatives and sweeteners, as well as overeating, fouling organism.

Little by little, the body slows functions without you realize this and do not function as expected. A grape cure will clean the organs of elimination and detoxification (liver, intestine, kidney, skin) and give them time to rest. Once detoxified, the body will regain its vitality.

To follow a grape diet one must take into account several aspects:
    To ask medical advice, especially if you suffer from certain health problems;
    To be motivated to like grapes;
    To choose a period without too many demands;
    To keep the treatment for 3-7 days;
    The cure starts when the grapes are ripe and are found in abundance (late August and early October);
    Do not consume only grapes grown in healthy conditions without chemical fertilizers;
    Reduce intakes three days before, suppressing consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, chocolate and animal protein.

Cure with grapes

The whole day will not only consume grapes 5-6 innings split. The recommended quantity is 1-2 kg or more, every day, alternating with white grapes black grapes. During the diet, you can drink the water, grape juice and teas.

The beneficial effects of a diet with grape

A person with grape cure it will have a great tone, energy and dynamism will overflow. 90% of people who previously complained of fatigue cure found often spectacular improvement of their health.

Here are some of the beneficial effects of a diet of grapes:

    Revitalizing the body and mind;
   Treating constipation: improving transit during and after cure digestive and intestinal disorders such as colic, bloating, diarrhea;
    Preventing skin problems: skin is part of the four routes of elimination with salt, urine and breathing. After such a cure, 80% of individuals have acquired a beautiful complexion;
    Improving the physical and mental condition (tiredness, nervousness and irritability): according to the results of several researches, it seems that this diet is successful in treating fatigue and irritability states in 90% of cases;
    Treatment of insomnia: sleep occurs after treatment with grapes easier;
    Sharpening the senses: smell his taste, as well as sight and hearing, are significantly improved after treatment with grapes. Taste foods become more agreeable after cure;
    Weight loss: people who are overweight can lose an average of 3 kg per week, but it depends on the quantity of grapes consumed, exercise and metabolism performed each.

The undesirable effects after treatment with grapes

As the body is full of toxins, the risk of suffering inconveniences:
    Headache (in this case it is good to drink hot tea);
    Nausea and vomiting;
    Fever, rash, symptoms of the cold are the elimination of toxins. In case of high fever should consult a doctor.


People who suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes cannot follow this diet because it is rich in sugars too fast.

Resumption of food

It is done gradually privileging plant foods in the first instance. To get the most benefits for grape cure, it is recommended to privilege fruits and vegetables, grains, fish and avoid animal fats as possible and refined sugars.

Practical advice

    Buy a smaller amount of grapes for always eating fresh fruits;
    It would be better not to eat grapes with seeds inside that can hurt you if you suffer from constipation;

Did you know that...

White grapes are sweeter, but contain fewer vitamins. Instead Black grapes contain more antioxidants, but can irritate the fragile stomachs. Grapes containing minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, trace elements, carbohydrates and vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, B5, P). Natural pigments concentrated in the peel and seed reinforce the effects of vitamin C and have antioxidant properties

Some Simple Dietary Rules!

Everything is fat is not healthy: so fat milk, cream, fat cheese, more oil, fatty meat.
Animal blood is very harmful and must be eliminated, meat should be cooked as well. Everything is not healthy protein only in very small quantities: Soy - 40%, meat - 20%, peanuts - 25%, walnuts - 16%, dry beans - 25%, milk, cheese, eggs. Breast milk has only 2% proteins and these proteins child grows visibly! Also, there are millions of healthy vegetarians living without too much protein or animal either plants. So it may be true that pharmaceutical and food industry for decades tells us about the role of protein for a healthy diet. Scientifically proven a long time that high-protein foods are harmful to health. Food proteins are not so wholesome and necessary as it is believed, but harmful. Everything is exactly the opposite of how man knows all education through television, newspapers and books. The body creates its own proteins in plants eaten, while the foreign protein must first be broken down with a very energetic effort. Excess protein and sugar are becoming acidic blood and blood acid is an ideal environment for bacteria and parasites propagation. And, as you know, in a basic liquid - water soap, for example - cannot live bacteria and parasites.
Everything is refined and distorted is harmful to health:
- Refined oil and margarine (good: unrefined, cold pressed)
- Refined sugar (good: raw sugar, especially the cane)
- Refined white flour, white bread (good: bread and whole-meal)
- Hulled rice (best rice paddy)
- Homogenized milk (good: fresh milk from a healthy cow country)
Everything that is consumed in large quantities or in concentrated form is injurious to health:
- Juice concentrate (only slightly and should be drunk diluted with water)
- Chemical vitamins and pills and juice concentrates (to be avoided)
- Chemical minerals in the form of tablets (calcium, magnesium, iron)
- Iodine (put in salt and animal feed)
- Fluoride (put in toothpaste, drinking water in Teflon pans)
- Saccharin and other sweeteners - aspartame, fructose - highly poisonous
- Protein foods
Everything is canned contains bacteria, toxins, fungi, parasites and is not healthy regardless of how they have been preserved. Death does not bring only death. Bacteria and parasites appear to break down harmful food. Preferably so only, cooked food fresh, especially in sickness! The food that is bought ready-made from the shops generally contain a lot of preservatives and harmful substances do not belong in the body. These foods create disease. Much food is unhealthy, what is too much for the body of a
the table remains in the body undigested properly, and creates disease. The less food at one meal, the healthier it is this table. This is especially important in case of illness. The soul body can heal more food and process at the same time. Do not eat more than 3 foods at one meal, when one is sick. Everything is very new and trendy or was not eaten by our ancestors is injurious to health: refined salt, iodized salt, sugar substitutes, canned foods, synthetic vitamins, clams, snails, concentrated juices, white bread, caffeine. All that creates a strange odor or bad in urine or stool is not healthy: pork, cheese, etc. Do not consume more than a healthy root at a table (IE only only carrots or beetroot, but not both at once). Fruits that have not fully ripened naturally are unhealthy and should be cooked before: fruits and vegetables picked green, green grain. Everything harm to a patient, and is harmful to healthy people, with the difference that the latter does not feel right at all. What harm a small child and an adult is harmful. In people with liver, stomach, kidney, pancreas, or diabetes, described as harmful products here will be felt immediately, while those described as healthy here can be eaten without problems, if properly prepared and that disease is not such as to not allow certain foods. At a diabetic for example cheese will make blood sugar, while cheese does not have sugar. This is because bacteria and fungi cheese. Healthy food for people who live on another continent or other geographical and climatic conditions are not healthy for the rest of the people. Hot or cold food is unhealthy. Not all plants and animals were created by God to be eaten by humans: wild animals, mammals, raptors, reptiles, all of which are harmful to humans as food. In his old age more incentives are needed for digestion pepper, iuţeli spices. The rage of stupidity is a diet based on blood groups. A poison is harmful to everyone, no matter what blood is. If man has no knowledge about the toxicity of food, how to feed properly with such a diet? Who wants to lose weight, you must eat healthy and avoid what really fattens man

Foods That Give Strength To Body

Foods that give strength to body and strengthen the body and soul
- Spelled as bread or boiled (whole grains, meal, flour or bran).
- Grain rice, maize (corn is genetically manipulated, but lately, should be avoided or controlled whence).
- Whole wheat bread. Boiled wheat is not tolerated by all. (Rye can not be digested than people with healthy stomach. Avoid.)
- Pumpkin, fennel bulbs, green beans, chick peas, stewed apples or pears, chestnuts, green beans, horseradish root.
- Fresh sweet cheese curd.
- Nutmeg cinnamon and a little daily.
- Hildegard puts food seasoning type: Pennyroyal, hyssop, thyme field.
- Herbal teas, especially fennel seed, nettle, marigold and sage.
- Food fresh nettles (young collected when spring out of the ground) and nettle tea to cleanse the blood.
- Rosehip, horns, blackberries (berries).
- Grapes, but must, because it simmer in the stomach. Cure exclusive grape (2-6 weeks) has been very healing for many people.
- Boiled or roasted onions eaten in moderation (if not stomach illness), garlic (especially cruel, destroy parasites in the blood).
- Oranges and fresh lemons.

Natural yogurt can eat, but not a serious illness and not too often. The body needs calcium to produce dairy products because calcium in the body is not derived from calcium! Hen shelled eggs of calcium even if it eats little to no calcium. And the cow gives more milk with calcium, grass or hay although there is almost no calcium. A giant crab placed in a large glass of water without changing its shell calcium few hundred grams for 1-2 days without any scientist can give an explanation about the origin of this calcium.
Calcium carbonate, the substance from which bones are made, like most substances in the body is actually produced by the body, as well as many vitamins and minerals of other elements or substances, namely silicon. But since people learn in physics that a substance cannot turn to other than by nuclear transformation this is impossible scholars said, despite the obvious reality, present throughout nature.
Who eats that much silicon grain has good bones and healthy, who lacks calcium silicon can eat pounds, that calcium will not bring anything body, on the contrary. When the body is bombarded with a substance, then it will consume even the reserves of that substance in the body. In this way, the body cannot absorb the substance in food.
It proved long that children who took calcium than artificial bone were much weaker system than those who did not take anything. This also applies to patients receiving calcium fractures, due to which healing is very difficult or even prevented. You can see the old men
I do that with medication, fractures and today no longer heal all. Silicon in organic form, natural and low grain or plant is the solution. So we have no milk to be healthy and strong and no meat. What we have been taught is a whopper, we believe only because I heard it a thousand times. This is what millions of lacto-vegetarians show around the world, like cows, chickens, gorillas and all animals.
Foods that give strength to body and strengthen the body and soul

The Golden Rules Of Life

Health program described by Hildegard may be reduced to the 6 golden rules for living. After her visions, each man is responsible for his health, so health can be influenced from outside, through food, and inside, in the thinking and emotions. These rules are:
- The correct selection of eating and drinking. Your food is and cure you.
- Using the healing forces of nature. In all creation, trees, plants, animals, birds and fish, and even subtle forces are hidden gems, the healing power which man can not know without them they are revealed by God.
- The right rhythm and movement in sleep: For when the man sleeps, rests his bone, bones harden and blood, muscle creates new members join and multiply mind (reason) and knowledge.
- A balance between work and rest (et labora hour). Report adequate work and meditation helps in regaining lost power due to stress.
- Cleansing the body of poisons. When the body retains fluid balance, man is healthy. Once the ratio between them is changing, man becomes ill. Cleansing the body can be made by post, applying leeches and cupping therapy, quitting therapeutically vein blood, or using remedies that cleanse the body of toxins. Body burden due to harmful substances in food, medicine, chemical fertilizers and tens of thousands of harmful chemicals in food and the environment today is quite well known but is not considered by doctors. If ecological paradise 1000 years ago was necessary detoxification, the more important it is in today. After analyzing bones found that people contain 1000 times more lead in your body - known neurotoxic substance - than 150 years ago. Not to mention heavy metals, iodine, fluorine, chlorine, bromine - not coincidentally present even in salt toothpaste in plastic packaging, drinking water and thousands of artificial chemicals, medicines, artificial hormones, fertilizers, pesticides.
- Using spiritual forces. After Hildegard, as well as by the Bible, fasting helps in cleansing the soul. So strengthened soul after the body cleanses and restores human health. The soul is to the body what the juice of life for spinal tree is a tree and power of the soul creates form, such as the tree's shape creates.

These six factors are influencing the body in all his needs. If they are met, then the body and soul diseases are prevented and they help keep our humores - IE good juices, power and wealth. These points are added and personal relationship with God.

Goddess Of Fruit - Benefits And Properties

Pomegranate is the fruit of goddesses and was always reckoned a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Since ancient times, the pomegranate was used for medicinal purposes due to its amazing benefits and properties.

Hippocrates and Avicenna considered him a very valuable fruit and manage patients with disorders of the stomach and intestines, it's recommended to treat dysentery, diseases of the throat, fever and bleeding.

Pomegranate trees live up to 300 years and proved that pomegranate has nothing superfluous, all parties are extremely beneficial:

    Fruits contain vitamins, fiber, minerals and trace elements - calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium and juice or 60%.
    Pomegranate juice contains Species 8% -20% sugar (glucose and fructose) and 10% citric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid and organic acids, volatile, nitrogen, tannins, sulfates, chlorides and other salts.
    The rind of the fruit, roots and tree bark are up to 32% of tannins. Pomegranate tree bark and roots have medicinal properties A tea leaves medicinal. Dried pomegranate flowers are used for tea, which tastes Hibiscus flower tea.


- Pomegranate is a storehouse of minerals (iodine, iron, potassium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, copper, sulfur, chromium, aluminum, lithium, nickel), vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, and P) and 15 amino acid combination which is not found in any other fruit;

- Pomegranate juice is concentrated in vitamins and other nutrients, so it is used to recover the body after surgery or infectious diseases, is prescribed for asthma, atherosclerosis, anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, low immunity. It helps in reducing the fragility of blood vessels, so it is used to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease;

Pomegranate juice is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, preventing diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, angina, heart disease and cancer tumors.

Pomegranate juice is used to treat burns, wounds and sore throat. Bark and fruits have astringent properties, allowing their use for the treatment of colitis, enterocolitis, diarrhea. Pomegranate juice also helps normalize intestinal microflora and increased appetite.

Prevention specialists recommend fresh pomegranate juice for its extraordinary qualities. A team of American researchers has now two years a medical study on 19 patients, about pomegranate juice. Some patients with heart disease who were taking cholesterol-lowering medication for 3 months they drank pomegranate juice (150 ml), and others without a drink pomegranate extract. First and improved blood circulation and the state of those who had consumed some juice worsened. The researchers mentioned that pomegranate juice is not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Due to the high level of antioxidants, pomegranate juice must be consumed by everyone, not just patients. It was noted that pomegranate juice prevents plaque oxidized bad cholesterol (LDL) that leads to arthritis and reduce by 30% the formation of such plaques in cases of atherosclerosis.

- Ideal for diabetics - regular consumption of small amounts of juice or berries, lowers blood glucose levels;

- Pomegranate seeds have an analgesic effect. They can help headaches, menstrual pain and pain threshold increase after menopause;

- Many women know the benefits of pomegranate skin and hair. Pomegranate juice is used for oily hair care, whitening face (against freckles and pigmentation) and eliminating acne.


    Strengthens immunity and increases resistance to infection.
    It contains vitamin C, antioxidants, folic acid, sugars, minerals.
    Very good in case of sore throat or hoarseness.
    Increase fertility.
    Lowers fever.
    Tones the heart muscle and improves the vital functions.
    Reduce cholesterol.
    It stimulates appetite and digestion.

In internal use pomegranate has the following indications:

    For stomach pains uses pomegranate juice.
    Immunomodulator. Mix pomegranate juice with honey.
    For sore throat gargle with pomegranate juice.
    Gastrointestinal disorders.
    For anemia pomegranate juice is used in combination with orange juice.
    Introduced in the diet of pregnant women, pomegranate juice helping protect baby's brain to good blood circulation.
    Renal colic, diarrhea.

In external use, pomegranate is used:

    In good cosmetic pigment spots and freckles reduction. Make a mask of the following ingredients: Mix 1 tablespoon of pomegranate juice with 1 tablespoon sour cream. Apply on face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water.
    For hair, restores shine. Mix pomegranate juice with olive oil and apply on hair. Leave for 20 minutes and continue scrubbing.

Thistle (Milk thistle, Carduus Marianus) - Benefits And Properties


Milk thistle is a plant that grows as a bush, reaching 2 meters tall, prefers sandy soils less, particularly stony land.
The plant was used to treat various diseases with more than 2,000 years ago and is of Mediterranean origin is widespread throughout Europe and Central Asia.

In therapeutic use seeds are crushed.


The seed of Milk thistle containing silymarin (silybin, silicristină, silidianină), bioflavonoids, amino acids (glycine, leucine, cysteine, tyramine), glutamic acid, fumaric acid, saponin, sterol, tocopherol.


Phytotherapy products based on milk thistle are hepatoprotective action, the reconstruction of liver cell, viral hepatitis type A, B, C inhibits the replication of hepatitis, regulating digestion, increased blood pressure, strong antitoxin effect, prevents the penetration of toxic substances in the liver and promote their excretion (combat the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver), stimulates gallbladder activity and combat the risk of gallstones.

The crushed seeds are used as wet dressings in the treatment of varicose ulcers and varicose veins, antitumor (halt the progress and spread of cancer cells in the liver, prostate, cervix, colon), stimulates lactation, decreases blood cholesterol levels, reduced insulin resistance is effective type II diabetes.

Therapeutic Indications

Thistle preparations are indicated in chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver failure, protects the liver from the harmful effects of chemotherapy, effective in accidental poisoning poisonous mushrooms, poisoning adjunct to various toxic substances (hepatotoxic drugs, lead, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride) adjunct to alcoholism, difficult digestion, constipation, hypotension, helps in case of cancer, the treatment of skin diseases in general (psoriasis, vitiligo), immunodeficiency.


Decoction prepared from a heaping teaspoon of crushed seeds in a cup of boiling water; allow to give once boil, then strain and drink two cups a day.

The infusion is prepared from a teaspoon of ground seeds is pouring a cup of boiling water; leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes.

The powder of the ground seeds that take 1 to 2 grams per day with half an hour before lunch and evening; Keep dust under the tongue 5-10 minutes then swallow with water.

Thistle tincture is given a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water for three weeks with 2 week break.

Precautions and contraindications

Milk thistle is free of side effects and can be used both during pregnancy and lactation.

Very rarely, high doses have reported diarrhea and hypertension.


6 Most Amazing Benefits Of Pine Nuts

Man has always sought a remedy to alleviate pain and to heal illnesses and so it is that came to document about the amazing benefits and pine nuts.

Numerous studies have shown that pine buds have different therapeutic properties.

Pine Syrup is a highly effective natural medicine and recommended several conditions:

- Inflammation and respiratory infections, chronic lung disease, cough, acute bronchitis, asthma, lung congestion, pneumonia, flu, colds, sore throat, pharyngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis;

- Kidney infections, cystitis, pyelitis, urethritis, nephritis, kidney stones, kidney failure, vaginal discharge, gonorrhea;

- Chronic rheumatism, polyarthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, gout;

- Asthenic neurosis, stress, insomnia, pains, cardiac neurosis;

- Circulatory disorders and metabolism;

- Dermatoses, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, scabies.

The amazing benefits of pine buds:

1) Improve cardiovascular health: Pine sprouts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help lower blood cholesterol. Regular consumption of pine nuts / pine syrup increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Oleic acid helps the liver bud to remove triglycerides from the body. It also favors a healthy blood lipid profile prevents coronary heart disease and stroke.

2) Help weight loss: a handful of pine nuts can help a lot in your diet. One study found that healthy unsaturated fat substitution of saturated fats can help you lose weight without reducing calorie intake. Pine buds are very effective in suppressing appetite. Pinolenic acid stimulates CCK (cholecystokinin), a hormone that signals the brain that give the stomach is full.

3) Contain antioxidants: pine buds are extremely rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants kill free radicals that promote cancer development and other types of diseases. Also pine syrup helps fight against infectious agents and viruses. They are also known for its ability to slow the aging process, because it contains antioxidants.

4) Improve eyesight: pine buds contain beta-carotene and antioxidants that are very beneficial for eye health. Lutein helps to filter UV light eyes. Also, pine syrup treatment prevents vision deterioration with age once.

5) Provides energy: Pine sprouts are an excellent option for evening snacks. They contain proteins that provide a source of instant energy. It also helps to repair and build muscle tissue. Protein is a slow burning fuel that provides a long-lasting energy boost, which leads to exhaustion.

6) Gives skin health: Vitamin E from pine buds is necessary for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes. It also protects skin from harmful UV rays.

It should know that pine syrup is considered a very good remedy for cough and you can prepare yourself as follows:

- Infusion of pine buds (buds tablespoon minced 250 ml boiling water) leave to infuse covered for 15 minutes, strain, sweeten with honey and drink hot tea on day 2-4 with effects in airway inflammation respiratory, urinary tract in diseases and in case of anemia.

Syrup Of Plantain (Plantago Lanceolata). Miraculous Effects Of "Mother Of The Forest"

Plantain is a herbaceous plant with miraculous healing effects. In popular parlance, we meet under the name of: purslane, sea grass, grassy sores or forest mother.

You should know that plantain is very rich in minerals, calcium, vitamins A, C and K. It contains many bioactive compounds (beneficial effects of diet), allantonina (stimulates cell growth) and aucubin (protects liver).

Our ancestors used this plant to heal wounds and bruises and juice / syrup plantain was used to treat snake bites and insect.

Plantain syrup is a natural antitoxin. This eliminates excess toxins from the body. Because it is diuretic, plantain syrup stimulates the kidneys and bladder.

Herbal treatments based on plantain facilitates wound healing, expectorant effect, emollient, anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, antimicrobial, streamline bronchial secretions.
Plantain syrup Indications:

Plantain syrup is recommended in cases Flu, cough and mild bronchitis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, cystitis, hematuria, asthma, laryngitis, pharyngitis, infections, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, ulcers, abscesses.

Plantain syrup recipe:

1. Wash hands well four plantain leaves and give the meat grinder. Put some water for preparation to go out a little thinner. Add 300 grams of sugar and 250 g of honey and put both ingredients on fire. Allow heat to low, stirring continuously without letting it boil. Plantain syrup is ready when it is thick and uniform. Then strain into bottles and store in the oven.

2. Another recipe plantain syrup may be prepared either way. You need 50 grams of herb over pour half a liter of boiling water. The mixture was allowed to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain. Over resulting liquid is added the same amount of honey;, mix well, then stored in dark bottles.

For detoxification, take one tablespoon of syrup plantain per day and children a teaspoon per day.

Take care not to exceed the recommended daily dose may occur as side effects such as diarrhea, increased blood or palpitations.