Diseases start from heart, from mind, from the conception of the world and from mental imbalance. A suppression of feelings, emotions and inner feelings lead in time to the accumulation of stress, frustration, negative and pessimistic thoughts, all this leads to physical and mental illness. Strong emotional conflicts, causes, where are accumulated and amplified over time, chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, various tumors, autoimmune diseases, etc.. These are just some of the diseases caused by imbalance between soul and mind.
We propose to start an education of the soul, mind and body!


Treatments For Cellulite - That Really Works!

Already we do not have to trouble about the "orange peel". In fact, cellulite has become a common feature of all that occurs in over 90% of post-adolescent women. But as a number of factors influence the emergence and prominence them, so there are remedies for cellulite that seem strange though, they are quite effective.


Still not in season, but how much you get a chance, enjoy these vegetables full of vitamins and moisturizers. Apply cucumber slices directly on the skin to allow phytochemicals contained to tighten collagen and provide a strong aspect. The result can be even one instant, if not faster, reducing the visibility of cellulite.

Coffee Scrub - Massage

Caffeine acts to dilate blood vessels and raise exterior skin and tissue. Used directly on the skin affected by cellulite, coffee grounds help detoxify the body and fat metabolism. The effect to be even better, mix coffee grounds with almond oil or olive oil and rubbed into the skin.

Baths with algae / seaweed

The treatment, called thalassotherapy is of French origin and requires hot water pressure and seaweed on the skin or in the form of wraps, either as bathrooms. Seaweed contains iodine, which supports thyroid function and helps the local circulation of blood to minimize the appearance of orange peel.


Consumption of gelatin - no sugar - has many benefits for our health, but is also effective in increasing collagen production. Gelatin powder found in health food and herbal shops and stores, though. Prepare yourself a drink with gelatin a day to repair the deficiency of collagen - the main reason for the appearance of cellulite.

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