Diseases start from heart, from mind, from the conception of the world and from mental imbalance. A suppression of feelings, emotions and inner feelings lead in time to the accumulation of stress, frustration, negative and pessimistic thoughts, all this leads to physical and mental illness. Strong emotional conflicts, causes, where are accumulated and amplified over time, chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, various tumors, autoimmune diseases, etc.. These are just some of the diseases caused by imbalance between soul and mind.
We propose to start an education of the soul, mind and body!


Discover The 7 Benefits Of Fasting

Throughout history, fasting was a bodily and spiritual cleansing period. Great philosophers such as Hippocrates, Socrates and Plato recommended him for healing the body. The Bible teaches that Moses and Jesus fasted for 40 days to regenerate and spiritual Gandhi did so to promote respect and compassion between people of different religions. Whatever the reasons people turn to post, it is good to know that its benefits on health.

What is fasting?

Item (and here we refer to the Christian) is a period of time in which the faithful abstain from eating food "sweet", i.e. those of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) and pray clean their souls of sins.

The Orthodox Church is the one that set the fasting days in a calendar year. Usually, within a year, there are many periods of fasting, but two of them are the longest: fasting before Easter and the one before Christmas. Church motivates these periods of abstinence from animal products because, according to them, cleaning bodily help cleanse the soul. We are not talking here about "black fasting" which involves complete abstention from any dish for 24 hours.

What is interesting to know is that fasting is a practice that we meet in several religions, but it has the same goal: cleaning bodily. For example, Muslims fast for a month in the summer and the period called Ramadan. Their job entails refraining from food throughout the day and evening can eat whatever and however they want.

This ancient religious practice is truly beneficial for our body. Discover the 7 benefits of fasting:

It helps to detoxify the body

Normally the body's ability to detoxify itself, but a diet rich in meat and low in vegetables and fruit hampers its natural function. When there is such an imbalance, accumulated debris in the body, rot and become sources of killer diseases like cancer.

Therefore, fasting, the equivalent of a diet based on vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc., is beneficial for the whole body that serves the detoxify. Thus, using the station, liver, kidney, blood, etc. goes through the detoxification process. It is interesting to note how large stations are positioned: spring, before Easter, after a winter in which food is based on canned food and animal and winter, before Christmas, after a fall-rich products that help us prepare for cold season.

A diet to lose weight

Fruits and vegetables have a lower number of calories, and their consumption for a long time, besides detox can help to escape extra pounds. Also, because calorie intake drops, the body is forced to consume the fat deposits in order to ensure life. Reserves are created by the body fat due to excess glucose and carbohydrates that are normally used as an energy source. During fasting, these fat reserves become the energy source of the body.

It watches for cardiovascular disease

Recent studies have shown that fasting period reduces cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have discovered that this type of diet helps lower triglycerides, weight and glucose and thus keep away heart disease.

Heal body

Because smaller effort that we put our body to process food intake during the fasting period, our body begins to channel their energy toward metabolism and immune system. The natural healing process begins. The body triggers a procedure whereby the proteins they produce help to regenerate the system. For example, when we are sick, we cut appetite. The explanation for this phenomenon is that channel their energy body digestive system allocated by the immune system to heal.

Lowers blood sugar

Because the body channel their energy in a different direction than toward the digestive system, basal metabolism is slowed down to conserve energy as much time and lowers blood sugar levels in the body, glucose is used existing deposits in the liver. Also, the release of hormones increases.

Rejuvenates us and we prolongs life

These two results are actually tracked of all the processes mentioned above. These two phenomena are supported by lower metabolic rate, channeling different energy, a stronger immune system and stimulate the production of hormones, including those of self-preservation. Apparently, our body does not need many sources in order to stay alive and healthy, and studies support this.

Other benefits of fasting on our health

Due to the fact that our body clean of all kinds of waste, our skin gets brilliance, is healthier, our body is full of energy, sleep quality is increased, bump anxiety, tension, improves health, muscle pain and discomfort disappear and improves digestion.

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