Diseases start from heart, from mind, from the conception of the world and from mental imbalance. A suppression of feelings, emotions and inner feelings lead in time to the accumulation of stress, frustration, negative and pessimistic thoughts, all this leads to physical and mental illness. Strong emotional conflicts, causes, where are accumulated and amplified over time, chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, various tumors, autoimmune diseases, etc.. These are just some of the diseases caused by imbalance between soul and mind.
We propose to start an education of the soul, mind and body!


6 Most Amazing Benefits Of Pine Nuts

Man has always sought a remedy to alleviate pain and to heal illnesses and so it is that came to document about the amazing benefits and pine nuts.

Numerous studies have shown that pine buds have different therapeutic properties.

Pine Syrup is a highly effective natural medicine and recommended several conditions:

- Inflammation and respiratory infections, chronic lung disease, cough, acute bronchitis, asthma, lung congestion, pneumonia, flu, colds, sore throat, pharyngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis;

- Kidney infections, cystitis, pyelitis, urethritis, nephritis, kidney stones, kidney failure, vaginal discharge, gonorrhea;

- Chronic rheumatism, polyarthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, gout;

- Asthenic neurosis, stress, insomnia, pains, cardiac neurosis;

- Circulatory disorders and metabolism;

- Dermatoses, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, scabies.

The amazing benefits of pine buds:

1) Improve cardiovascular health: Pine sprouts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help lower blood cholesterol. Regular consumption of pine nuts / pine syrup increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Oleic acid helps the liver bud to remove triglycerides from the body. It also favors a healthy blood lipid profile prevents coronary heart disease and stroke.

2) Help weight loss: a handful of pine nuts can help a lot in your diet. One study found that healthy unsaturated fat substitution of saturated fats can help you lose weight without reducing calorie intake. Pine buds are very effective in suppressing appetite. Pinolenic acid stimulates CCK (cholecystokinin), a hormone that signals the brain that give the stomach is full.

3) Contain antioxidants: pine buds are extremely rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants kill free radicals that promote cancer development and other types of diseases. Also pine syrup helps fight against infectious agents and viruses. They are also known for its ability to slow the aging process, because it contains antioxidants.

4) Improve eyesight: pine buds contain beta-carotene and antioxidants that are very beneficial for eye health. Lutein helps to filter UV light eyes. Also, pine syrup treatment prevents vision deterioration with age once.

5) Provides energy: Pine sprouts are an excellent option for evening snacks. They contain proteins that provide a source of instant energy. It also helps to repair and build muscle tissue. Protein is a slow burning fuel that provides a long-lasting energy boost, which leads to exhaustion.

6) Gives skin health: Vitamin E from pine buds is necessary for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes. It also protects skin from harmful UV rays.

It should know that pine syrup is considered a very good remedy for cough and you can prepare yourself as follows:

- Infusion of pine buds (buds tablespoon minced 250 ml boiling water) leave to infuse covered for 15 minutes, strain, sweeten with honey and drink hot tea on day 2-4 with effects in airway inflammation respiratory, urinary tract in diseases and in case of anemia.

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