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Tomato Juice Accelerates Quicker Elimination Of Alcohol

Tomato juice speeds up the elimination of alcohol by the liver, according to a study by some Japanese researchers from two food companies, writes

They presented at a congress of the Japanese Society of Nutrition results of their latest research. The observations are quite startling. In one of the experiments was measured evolution alcohol in a group of volunteers who were given water to drink 50 cl 10 cl payment of shochu, a local alcoholic drink with an alcohol content of 25%. After a few days, they received the same amount of shochu, but accompanied by 50 cl of tomato juice.

It was found that if tomato juice, drink-driving dropped more than an hour (the difference was about 30%) and that on average, the alcohol in the body disappear after five hours total after four hours water and juice tomato.

The elimination rate of alcohol by the liver is basically constant and on each individual (benchmark is 0.15 grams per liter of blood per hour).

In other experiments, the researchers injected mice specific molecules of tomato juice and a small amount of alcohol, noting that the activity of key enzymes produced by the liver has increased.

Observe if it's Japanese research small amounts of alcohol and whoever consuming tomato juice can prevent alcohol still produce harmful effects. After one or two glasses of alcohol, it is advisable to switch to something else and, why not, the tomato juice, ending

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